Berner Oberland day to day description and photos

Day 3 - Konkordiahütte to Finsteraarhornhütte

On day 3 we climb up over the Grünhornlücke, the high pass between the Aletsch and Fiesch valleys. After a descent of about a thousand feet we can drop some of our loads and take a fun side-trip up the Wyssnollen. This is a great little ski summit, sporting a little over 2000 feet of fun east facing slopes. A few crevasses add spice to the mix of good snow at a pleasant angle.

After our climb and descent of the Wyssnollen, we are off to the Finsteraarhornhütte, where we will spend 2 nights. The hut-keepers here, Ursula and Heinz are so kind and helpful. We have heard Ursula speak at least 4 languages and we strongly suspect there may be several more hidden in her talented brain.

Day 3 - KonkordiahŘtte to FinsteraarhornhŘtte
1318 meters
4323 feet
1120 meters
3674 feet
includes the Wyssnollen



Kathy and Clark at the Grünhornlücke. On the right, in the background is the Lötschenlücke, the pass just below the Hollandiahütte. The big peak, center-right is the Aletschhorn.


Skinning up the Wyssnollen. Behind is the steep north face of the Schönbühlhorn.
Another view, this one to the east, from the Grünhornlücke. The lower slopes of the Finsteraarhorn are seen in the background.

Arriving at the summit of the Wyssnollen. Behind and just to the left of the skier is the Galmihorn. If all goes well, we will ski up this peak and down the other side in 3 days time. The Oberaarjochhütte is just out of view to the left.


Skiing down the Wyssnollen. Enough said!

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