Berner Oberland day to day description and photos

Day 4 - Skiing based from the Finsteraarhornhütte

We have set aside an additional day to go touring from a Finsteraarhornhütte base. If the weather has not been particularly kind to us we may choose to use this day to pick up another descent we may have missed along the way. In other words, there are many options, but an extra day is always a help.

Some of the options from this hut are a trip up to the Hugisattel, the 13,400 foot notch just north of the final rock pyramid of the Finsteraarhorn. This a fairly steep tour, but a great descent. We'll need good snow and avalanche conditions for this one. Another option is to tour up-glacier to the Hinter Fiescherhorn, another of the 4000 meter summits of the Berner. We would get great views down to the north, all the way out to Grindelwald, almost 10,000 feet lower. A third option is the "Chamonixspitze" as the guides affectionately call it, a summit west of the Agassizhorn and a fantastic viewpoint.

Day 4 - Skiing based from the FinsteraarhornhŘtte
1113 meters
3651 feet
1113 meters
3651 feet
includes skiing the Hinter Fiescherhorn



The Finsteraarhorn, as seen from the Wyssnollen. The hut is just out of view to the right, low down. The Hugisattel, is the first level step in the left-hand skyline coming down from the summit. The route down crosses to the right over the long rock ridge, just above the obvious big crevasses.
Kathy climbing up to the Hugisattel on the Finsteraarhorn. Behind on the right is the saddle of the Grünhornlücke. The Wyssnollen is just right of center and the Gross Wannenhorn just left of center.

Looking south, from high on the Finsteraarhorn.
This shot is from near the same spot as the one left, only here, we are looking north. The Eiger is the rocky summit with the Ochs Fiescherhorn in front and right. Grindelwald lies under cloud, far below.


Mo and Kathy, coming into the hut in bad weather, always a possibility.
But getting out of the weather is itself a pleasure! The dining area of the Finsteraarhornhütte.

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