Berner Oberland day to day description and photos

Day 5 - Finsteraarhornhütte to the Oberaarjochhütte

On day 5 we make the traverse to the Oberaarjochhütte. But the highlight of the day is the climb of the Gross Wannenhorn, which Heinz, the Finsteraarhorn hut guardian, and an old guide himself, says is the finest ski ascent in the area. Starting out from the hut early, we glide down the Fieschergletscher a short way before we skin up the 3500 feet to the summit. The last section of the ridge is exposed but not difficult, quite skiable. There are lots of crevasses on this descent, but they only make the trip more memorable as we link up long pitches of open terrain.

Once we reach the Fieschergletscher we again have a bit more gentle gliding to reach the juncture of the Fieschergletscher and the Galmigletscher to the east. Here we skin up and climb about 2700 feet up to the Oberaarjochhütte. This is a relaxing climb, if a bit long. But the hut is, as always, worth it and a good rest awaits.

Day 5 - Finsteraarhornhütte to the Oberaarjochhütte
1594 meters
5228 feet
1396 meters
4546 feet
includes skiing the Gross Wannenhorn



Here we are, about half way up the Gross Wannenhorn. Behind is the Finsteraarhorn. The hut sits on the rightmost of the three major rock ribs below the summit. The Agassizhorn is the snowy peak behind and left.
Starting out from just below the Finsteraarhorn hut. The Wannenhorn is up and right. We'll ski down to just below the rock tongue in center-right, before we skin up the glacier behind.

Most of the way up the Wannenhorn. Behind and just about in the center of the photo is the Vorder Galmihorn. The Oberaarjochhütte, our destination for the night, is just on the very left edge of the photo.


Ellie contemplates the view (and the ski down!) from the summit of the Gross Wannenhorn. The Eiger is the rocky summit in the back, in the center of the photo.


Kathy and Mo and the Finsteraarhorn. We are most of the way up the Galmigletscher, on our way to the Oberaarjochhütte. This is the "back" side of the Finsteraarhorn, a different and impressive view.
Enjoying the sun at the Oberaarjochhütte.

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