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Day 6 - Oberaarjochhütte to Interlaken

On our last day we have a number of options. One of the best is an ascent over the Vorder Galmihorn and down the Bächital to Reckingen. From the summit of the Galmihorn to Reckingen, deep in the valley, we get to enjoy almost 7000 vertical feet of skiing. Facing south, the Bächital often gets great corn snow. Another good option is the Galmilicke and the ridge to the south. This route takes us down to Münster, only a couple kilometers from Reckingen. These are the to routes shown on the map above. If the weather is poor, our best escape is east, down the Oberaargletscher, then east to the Grimselpass, then down the snow-covered road to a taxi pick-up.

All but the last of these routes finish in Goms, the upper Rhône Valley. From here we catch a mountain train to Brig and can then continue back around the Berner Oberland to return to Interlaken. Usually we arrive in Interlaken in the late afternoon, plenty of time to take a shower and enjoy a good and well-deserved dinner.

Day 6 - OberaarjochhŘtte to Interlaken
487 meters
1597 feet
2427 meters
7961 feet
includes skiing the Vordor Galmihorn, then down to Reckingen


This view is from a similar location as the previous, only looking slight t the left. The peak in the center is the Gross Grünhorn. The Grünhornlücke is the snowy saddle on the left. The Wyssnollen is on the very left edge of the photo.
Here we are looking back toward the Finsteraarhorn (the big peak on the left) from most of the way up the Galmihorn

The corn of the Bächigletscher.
Skiing down the Bächigletscher. Reckingen, where we will catch the train is over 7000 feet below. Usually we can ski at least 5500 of those 7000. This slope faces south, and often gives great corn snow.


Arriving "home" at the Hotel Post Hardermännli in Interlaken.
Mo and Ellie on the train trip back to Interlaken at the end of the tour.

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