Verbier Haute Route day to day description, map and photos

Day 5 - Prafleuri hut to Dix hut

From the Prafleuri hut, we make a steep climb over the Col des Roux before starting the long traverse above Lac Dix. At the head of the lake we climb steeply up to the Pas du Chat, then traverse and climb to the Dix hut at 2928 meters. The difficulty of this day depends a great deal on the snow quality. If the snow is firm we can do a very long gradual glide from near the Col des Roux down to a point far up Lac Dix, reducing the distance we have to walk. In softer snow we'll have to descend more steeply and spend more time on skins.

Day 5 - Prafleuri hut to the Dix hut
837 meters
2745 feet
533 meters
1748 feet


The dining room of the Prafleuri hut. This hut was built quite recently, replacing an old barracks used by workers for the nearby Lac Dix dam. It is a great hut, comfortable, with lots of sunshine entering the dining area.


Looking down on the Prafleuri hut with the old barracks behind. This view was from the 2007 season, a notoriously low-snow year. And indeed, the valley is looking a little sparse.


Early morning departure from the Prafleuri hut.


Climbing up to a point near the Pas du Chat. Lac Dix is snow-covered on the far right edge of the image.


Not far from the Dix hut. The Serpentine and tomorrow's route behind.


The Dix hut sits on a fine knoll, fantastic views.

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