Ortler ski tour day to day description and photos

Day 2 - Marteller hut to Rifugio Branca

On day 2 we head from the Marteller hut to the Branca hut. There are several ways to get there, and we will make our choice based on weather and conditions. Basically, we contour the 3769 meter Monte Cevedale.

If weather and conditions are good, we normally circumnavigate Cevedale in a counter-clockwise direction by it’s north side. We begin by skinning up the Cevedale glacier (or the Zufall Glacier if you prefer the German names). After approaching the peak from the north, we descend slightly to the east on the smaller Cedec glacier, then climb again steeply to a col between Cevedale and its neighbor to the west, Monte Pasquale. From here it’s nearly 1000 meters of uninterrupted descent, very steep at first but soon gliding among moraines and gently cascading benches. Our first glimpse of the Branca hut is of the roof as we descend practically right on top of it at the end of our exhilarating run.

A safer option if the weather and conditions do not allow us to cross the Cevedale-Pasquale Col, is to either descend the Cedec glacier to the northwest or to steep slopes from the Cevedale Pass, then pick up the road in the Cedec valley and follow it around the Pasquale Cevedale massif to the west.

A much longer and demanding expedition over the Palon de la Mare, to the south of Cevedale, could also be considered.

However we get there, once at the Branca hut we can settle in as we plan to spend three nights here.

Day 2 - Marteller hut to Rifugio Branca
1183 meters
3880 feet
1306 meters
4284 feet
via the Col Pasquale route



Day 2 - Martellerhütte to Branca hut

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A view from near the Marteler hut of Monte Cevedale and the Forcla glacier.


Looking back down in the opposite direction as we skin up the Forcla glacier, the Marteller hut sits on the shady shoulder behind us.


Skinning up the Cedec glacier, the Cevedale - Pasquale col is on the right.


The Branca hut, our goal for the day and home for the next few nights.


A welcoming, family-run lodge..


We eagerly await dinner at our assigned table.


Salad, no less! This was worth the wait.

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