Ortler ski tour day to day description and photos

Day 4 - Day tour from the Branca hut, Tresero

We have a second full day of skiing from our base in the Branca hut. Again, there are lots of options. On this page, as an example we have included mainly photos of Pizzo Tresero, a very fine ski peak, indeed.

Day 4 - Day tour from the Branca hut, Tresero
1251 meters
4103 feet
1251 meters
4103 feet
skiing Tresero



Day 4 - Day tour from Branca hut, Tresero or Palon de la Mare

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An amazing feature at the toe of the Forni glacier, we can't resist exploring it a bit.


Palon de la Mare becomes enshrouded in clouds as we sking back up the Forni glacier once more.


This time we are headed for Pizzo Tresero.


Wind-swept slopes near the summit of Pizzo Tresero.


Almost to the top of Tresero, looking down the steep south side. Punta Pedranzini behind.


A lovely homage on top of Tresero.


Finding freshies on the descent.


Looks like we have it to ourselves this time!


Heading up towards Palon de la Mare, another possible objective from the Branca hut.


An international welcome at the Branca, and generous evening sunshine.

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