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Day 6 - Day tour from the Pizzini hut, Monte Cevedale

Most often our objective on this day is to summit the 3769 meter Monte Cevedale and descend back to the hut. If we have already descended the Cedec Glacier on earlier days however, or if we prefer another project, there are numerous smaller peaks to the west of the hut, whose east or south facing slopes can be explored; or if the group is interested in something different, an alpine climb of 3851 meter Gran Zebru is a possibility. Much of this climb is normally done on foot, but itís an exciting summit and the highest one in the vicinity.

Day 6 - Day tour from the Pizzini hut, Monte Cevedale
1069 meters
3506 feet
1069 meters
3506 feet
includes skiing Monte Cevedale


Day 6 - Day tour from Pizzini hut

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Heading up toward the Passo Del Cevedale with the Gran Zebru behind.


Climbing Monte Cevedale, we skin through a key steep passage of wind-swept snow.


Getting ready to drop over the Cevedale-Pasquale col.


Near the summit of Cevedale.


Descending the Cedec glacier near impressive seracs!


Powder on the Cedec glacier.


More powder on the Cedec glacier! Gran Zebru behind.

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