Queyras tour, February 2011

We lucked out in the Queyras this year with long powder snow descents every day!

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Dropping into the gully below the Brèche de la Ruine on the Tour of the Pain de Sucre in the Queyras.

All alone in the wide, white world… climbing toward the Col d’Asti and the Franco-Italian border.

The approach to the Mait d’Amunt in the Queyras. There’s a lot of un-tracked powder back here!

Dropping below the Brèche de la Ruine.

Just another day in the life, in the Queyras!

Climbing up to the France-Italy border at the Col d’Asti.

Cozy chimneys in Saint Véran, the highest village in the Queyras.

Despite this having been a fairly dry season in the French Alps so far, the Queyras had good quality snow and plenty of it. This was especially true on the high, north facing slopes like this one on the descent from the Col de l’Eychassier. We simply could not believe our good luck!

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