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This page includes our plans for the next year or so. If you have other ideas of trips or climbs you want to do, please let us know. We are always interested in going to new places as well as enjoying those which we have visited in the past. As we have learned from our climbing, adapting to change is a necessary component to achieving goals. You are the most important essential ingredient to any schedule.

For more information on our availability on specific dates or trips, please see our booking levels page.

The last update of this page was on May 1, 2016.



June to September 2016
June to September 2016
October and November 2015
February to mid-May 2017


June to September 2016

Kathy will be leading a number of trekking programs. July 17 - 23, she has a 7-day Chamonix to Zermatt Haute Route Glacier Trek. She also plans a glacier trek in the Berner Oberland, July 9 - 15.

June to September 2016

Once again we'll be guiding in the Alps for summer mountaineering. Come and join us.

October and November 2016

In the fall season, we often spend some time rock climbing in the warm sunshine on the Mediterranean coast. Check it out.

Mid-January to mid-March 2017

We'll be skiing and climbing closer to home in France. This is a great time of year of off-piste skiing and waterfall climbing.

February to mid-May 2017

As usual we will be doing our hut-to-hut ski trips in the Alps in the spring of 2017. In addition to Chamonix-based off-piste, we plan a 5 day program in the Valle Maira, a 6-day trip to the Queyras. Also, this year we have requests for programs in the Albula, near St-Moritz, Silvretta, and to the Ortler, in addition to a Chamonix to Zermatt Haute Route trip. We also have a Gran Paradiso ski tour and ascent. We'll finish the season with a Berner Oberland tour.

In addition, we are likely to have several other private trips.


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