Haute Route Glacier Trek - Day 7
Day to day description, map and photos

Day 7 - Schönbiel hut to Zermatt

Sunset on the Matterhorn from Zermatt

Our last day is short and easy, following grassy trails, gentle moraine crests, and finally a broad well-trodden tourist trail through the charmingly preserved village of Zmutt, and at last into Zermatt. Along the way we can practically reach out and touch the massive North Face of the Matterhorn across the narrow strip of the lower Zmutt Glacier.

We should be in plenty of time to relax and explore the luxuries of Zermatt before a celebratory final dinner together in one of the town's many great restaurants. Although our feet may hurt and our sun-tanned faces feel a bit rough, soon the past week will seem all too short in our memories.

Looking up the Zmutt Glacier towards the Col de la Tête Blanche, under cloud on the right. The Matterhorn is just out of view to the left, and the Dent d'Hérens is mostly under cloud, also on the left. If you were to follows the lateral moraine just right of center, you would arrive at the Schönbiel hut.

Day 7 - Schönbiel hut to Zermatt
total vertical gain
0 m
0 ft
total vertical loss
1080 m
3542 ft
max elevation
2694 m
8836 ft
minimum elevation
1614 m
5294 ft
10.9 km
6.8 miles


The North Face of the Matterhorn. This photo was taken at sunrise from a point just a bit above the trail between Zmutt and the Schönbiel hut. The normal route on the peak is the Hörnli ridge, the left skyline. The Zmuttgrat is the ridge on the right side.

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