Photo Information - Approaching Illampu

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Dick, Kathy and Illampu, on the approach to High Camp

Dick Dietz and Kathy on the glacier, approaching High Camp on Illampu. Illampu can be seen behind. In a few days will be traversing the ridge from the far right to the summit. We are not far from high camp in this photo.

On the approach we had perfect snow conditions of the glacier, very firm for efficient cramponing. Even in the heat of the day (not very hot) the snow stayed firm. When we pitched our tent we found that just under the surface was a hard ice layer. I suspect that the snow gets so cold at night, that for much of the day, even if it melts a little on the surface, the liquid water only gets to travel down into the snow a short way before it refreezes a few centimeters down.

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