Photo Information - Haute Route

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Hear, Stowe, Kathy and Dave are crossing the Col du Mont Brulé. This is the second of the three big passes we need to cross this fine day.

There are about a dozen or so switchbacks on this ascent. Some are quite steep and one needs to be adept at kick turns. When the terrain is steep like this and kick turns are required I prefer to face into the hill for the torn rather than out away from the hill. Facing in feels more secure and I think, makes for an easier turn.

There is a trick, however. When the slope is steep, it can be difficult to get that first leg around as the slope just gets in the way. So the solution is what I call and "inside out" kick turn. To make this turn you start by putting the inside ski down and below (outside) the downhill ski, facing the new direction. Standing on the new downhill (and outside) ski you pick up the inside ski, clear its tail around the boot on the other ski, then finish just for the regular "facing out" kick turn. It may sound complicated here but it really is easier than the alternatives.



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