Payment Options

Check Either Euros or US Dollars. Checks are best for us if they work for you.
Credit Card For payment by credit card in US or other currencies. Processed by PayPal
Bank transfer Direct transfer to either our US or French bank accounts.

Please do not make payments until you have contacted us and confirmed that:

  • We can accommodate you on our schedule, and
  • We have agreed that the trip you are signing up for is a good match with your skills. This concern is especially important with the ski trips.


Paying by check

A check is best for us if you are paying in US Dollars or Euros.

Mailing a check to France

US Dollars or Euros.

Kathy Cosley
Mark Houston
151 route de Lausenaz
74310 Les Houches

Mailing a check to our bank in the USA

US Dollars only.

If you are in the USA, it might be easier for you to send a check directly to our bank (address on the right).

If you would like to do this, let us know and we'll send you the account information.

PO Box 97050
Seattle, WA 98124-9750

Make checks payable to:

Make checks payable to "Kathy Cosley", or "Mark Houston" Your choice – they all end up in the same place.



Paying by Credit Card through

We can accept credit card payment through PayPal.

If you decide to pay with your credit card click on the "Pay with Credit Card" button below to go to PayPal's web site. Fill in the amount you want to pay and enter the name of the trip in the "Payment For:" box.

PayPal can accept the following cards .

For more information about using PayPal, please see the little info page we created.

Note: If you use PayPal, and we refund some or all of your payments, we will deduct PayPal's non-refundable fees (typically about 3%) from your refund amount.


Paying by Bank Transfer

For some folks it may be easier for you to pay with a direct bank transfer. This is especially true in Europe, where bank transfers are more common and streamlined than in the States. If this is the case for you, please let us know and we can forward to you account and routing details.

If you pay by bank transfer please be sure to email us when you make the transfer. this way we'll be better able to know it came from you, something we're sure you'll want.