Laura Kneedler, Alps Alpine Climbing • August 4 - 7, 2004

Laura Kneedler of Portland, Oregon came to Switzerland to climb with Kathy in the Jungfrau and Zermatt areas.

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On their first afternoon, Kathy and Laura made a "shake-down" foray up the north ridge of the Trugberg, across from the Monchsjoch hut. A long and involved ridge, we have often looked across at it with curiosity.


The rock on the Trugberg was entertaining but not very welcoming! However, the view across at the following day's objective, the Mönch, was very beautiful.


The following day's weather on the Mönch was mixed, with some glorious moments of sunshine and clear views, as well as a storm to send us down from the summit with no regrets.


Lovely climbing on the middle pitches in cold but welcome sunshine.


Storm clouds brewing over the Jungfrau, seen from the Mönch.


Looking back at the neatly etched north ridge of the Trugberg, in early morning light. The Gross Fiescherhorn appears behind it on the left.


Moving on to the Zermatt area, Kathy and Laura climbed Pollux, again in mixed but very scenic weather.


Just managed the summit of Pollux in sunshine before the clouds and squalls moved in!


The following morning Kathy and Laura headed back to Zermatt from the Ayas hut, via the Breithorn Half Traverse. The morning promised fair as we headed up the glacier above the hut.


Deep and poorly frozen (well, hardly frozen at all) snow, made the approach a bit harder than the climb! Once on the rock we made good progress.


Laura enjoying the epic exposure on this beautiful ridge.


Ever present clouds held off from bringing in any precipitation, remaining benign as we topped out on the route.


Laura looking comfortable at the end of an exciting climb.

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