Celeste Decker • September 3, 2011

Celeste Decker was in the area for a conference, and looked Kathy up for a couple of days of climbing. The forecast was not stellar for her weekend, though Saturday was expected to be decent in the morning, so we headed up to the Aiguille du Midi for a go at the Cosmiques Arête.

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Celeste showing she's ready to go! Suiting up in the tram station.


The exit ridge is quite exciting this season, the track is narrow and firm.


About halfway up the route, we are still in sunshine though storm clouds are gathering in the southwest.


Celeste tops out the steep snow as we contour a major tower high on the route.


As it begins to spit light hail, we are glad to be nearly done with the route.


Mark happened to be at the top station viewing platform, and got this shot of the two finishing up.


The infamous ladder!


Celeste posing before the final section of horizontal ridge, with Mont Blanc disappearing in cloud behind her.


We actually got some light applause from an impressed audience on this arrival! Fun.